Assembly118: Sound Transit Light Rail

Commuting in South Seattle

At Assembly118’s apartments near the Sound Transit Light Rail, you have all the exciting potential of Seattle right at your fingertips—literally! Our rental community is less than 200 feet from the Othello station of the Sound Transit Light Rail, less than a one-minute walk from our front door. That convenience opens up a world of possibilities for residents.

Students, staff, and faculty at the University of Washington can easily cruise right to school or work on the light rail, as the campus is the northernmost stop on the line, just a half-hour commute from home. Worrying about being late to class can be a thing of the past, as our apartments near the Sound Transit Light Rail will set both students and staff up for success. Employees at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport can also take advantage of easy commutes, as Sea-Tac is on the opposite end of the rail line, just a 15-minute ride from Assembly118. Even if you don’t work at the airport, if your job has you traveling—or you like to get away for a vacation—the distance will be appreciated, as we’ve all had that nail-biting traffic jam experience headed to the airport. From Assembly118, you can just pack your suitcase, hop on the light rail and be headed to your destination in minutes!

But with all that Seattle has to offer, there’s plenty to see and do right at home. Just one stop on the rail line over from Assembly118 is Rainier Beach, a haven for public art and a growing destination for foodies, with new restaurants popping up alongside popular farmers’ markets. Get your weekly groceries and take in some local talent all just minutes from home! Art is also abounding in SODO, which has a stop along the light rail line.

You can take the train to University Street Station to be right in the heart of downtown. Employees at the many downtown hotel chains, banks and theaters will love the easy commute—and on your days off, you can peruse art galleries, restaurants, and the latest exhibition at the Washington State Convention Center. Another easily accessible spot by the light rail is Chinatown, where you can explore culture, food and everything in between.

At our apartments near the Sound Transit Light Rail, commuting to work, school, or the many entertainment options Seattle has to offer has never been so easy! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour!